Five on Friday- Christmas Dream Wish-list

Friday, December 19, 2014

Now, this is not a real wish list.  If a loved one is reading this, and thinks, "Hmm.  Maybe this is a hint, and I should purchase one of these items for Samma", rest assured it is not.  I want for nothing.  We have spent money on the kids, the trip to Nashville ended up being quite a bit more than what I had budgeted (ain't that always the way?), and (more importantly) we are throwing a big Boxing Day bash here.  Stuff adds up, and I would much, much rather do the above than get gifts.

Okay, disclaimer done.  If I was angling for some big ticket items, this is what I would ask for:

1)  This Dash and Albert Cottage Stripe Rug from Garnet Hill.

I am dying for a cotton rug to layer over our seagrass one in the playroom.  I love the sea grass, but it's murder on all the black yoga pants and leggings that comprise my uber-glam wardrobe.  Add in the golden retriever hair, and I look like a Yeti.  All the colors are so yummy, but I think I favor the autumn stripe.

Classic, and a wonderful way to look somewhat cute in my aforementioned glamorous duds.

3.  An Affair with a House and One Man's Folly

Design books never ever fail to delight me.

 4)  Metal Cachepot from Ballard

I have been really into flowers/greenery lately.  I love these cachepots.  My table requires two. ;)

Now we're getting into the realm of completely unnecessary.  I have a black tie event in February, but I have oodles of old dresses I can wear.  But this one?  Floral!  Pink bow!  Pockets!  It looks like you can eat in it- my prime requirement for an evening dress.  It's totally reasonable, but completely unneeded.  Maybe it will go on sale in January.

Anyway, I did ask for much-needed new stationery, and I'd love some new painting supplies, as I have been feeling the itch to get out some canvases.

I'm off to find some tacky Christmas gear for a party tonight! I'm hoping to raid my Dad's old stash of holiday-ish sweaters.  Mom's are long gone unfortunately, but he is a bit more of a pack rat.  Thanks to the Five on Friday ladies for hosting!

Christmas Kitchen

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

 I made these wreathes in a couple minutes- just a grapevine wreath form from AC Moore, onto which I wired some cedar garland.  I just hot-glued the ribbon together at the top.

It's just downright cozy in here! This is the third year in a row I've put up our Christmas cards on our cabinets.  Simple, yet fun- going to the mailbox during the month of December is so exciting!  Now, I can see all those happy faces all day long.  I'm so cheesy, I know.

This year, I will be cooking up Christmas Eve dinner.  We will be going to the 5 o'clock service at church, so I need something do-ahead with no last minute prep.  Enter. . .GUMBO!  Um, look at the pictures from that post- almost four years ago.  I have no wrinkles.  I blame the children.

Anyway, seafood gumbo, rice, and maybe a citrus salad to start?  It's not beef tenderloin, but will still be mighty good.  Good thing I documented this clean kitchen- doubtful it will stay this way for long.

Monday, Monday, Monday *

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My latest time sucks?

Circa Old Homes-

This website basically list historic homes for sale across the country.  The real estate lover/old home voyeur in me digs this completely.    I stayed up far too late last night scrolling through house upon house.


I just finished up two audio books, and had nothing teed up, so I gave in to the hype surrounding these podcasts.  I was leery, (I don't think I have ever listened to a podcast before).  Two episodes in, and I am addicted.  So addicted that I might be encouraging my little rascals to get out all of their toys tonight.  Then once they go to bed, I will have to listen to Episode 3 while I clean said toys up.

 In other assorted news- SANTA!

Oh, my yuppie mothering skills were in full throttle Sunday evening.  Matching monogrammed outfits?  Oh yes.  I even starched the hell out of those collars.  DH asked for a "dinosaur with that moving feet". Hopefully Santa shops at Tuesday Morning because we happened to see one just as described there the other day.  Thank goodness.

She received a Cabbage Patch baby doll form Santa, then very sweetly inquired if she could maybe have one of those sword/ninja sets that all her buddies there received.  We switched it out and were treated to lots of cool move demonstrations.  Hi-yah!

As you may discern from the above pictures, Deeds was not feeling quite up to snuff.  We just returned from an hour and half long sick visit to the doctor (with DH in tow AND a dead phone, sigh, sigh, sigh).  He is fine, just has his first ear infection.  Poor buddy.  We went to Nashville Friday night for my brother's surprise 30th birthday party and came back to a sad little dude.  He showed me- apparently not a fan of me leaving him and/or drinking cocktails.

Whelp.  That's it from these parts.  Hope everyone has a lovely evening.

*Just realized that today is Tuesday.  It feels like Monday.  Again.