Tuesday, February 24, 2015


  •  There is allegedly school today.  I made lunches.  It better happen.

  • We have been cooped up for over ten days now, and things are starting to get a bit dicey.  I added to my exorbitant baby-sitter bill as of late and called in a high school sitter reinforcement yesterday so I could sneak off to Panera and actually work.  I had the lentil quinoa broth bowl.  It was okay. . . felt like I was eating an amalgam of trendy power food words.
  • Babysitters were present both nights of this past weekend, and have been called for Thursday-Saturday evening of this coming weekend.  It's quite a social February apparently.  We had a great Friday night at an annual black tie party (and a wretched, worn Saturday morning).

Devil eyes and sorority squats.
  • SNOT.  I cannot take any more snot.  I am so sick of snail trails across my clothes where one of my adorable children rubs their slick faces against my body.  Shudder.  I noticed Deeds' snout has finally dried up yesterday, but the downside of school being back in is that the drip-drip-drop shall return tomorrow afternoon.

  • I got the dress above from Dillard's accidentally, thanks to their draconian return policy.  I picked up a few dresses when I went a couple weeks ago to find something for a previous black-tie event.  Above was a favorite, but not the one, so I planned on returning it.  It was on sale (ended up being about $35), so the saleslady informed me I had THREE (3!) days to return the sale items.  Okay, tough, but doable.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday- Monday morning I went in to return the dresses.  Nope.  SEVENTY TWO HOURS.  That's all I had.  So, Sunday  night when the mall was not open is when my deadline expired.  IRRITATING, DILLARD'S.  Not good customer service.  Luckily I ended up using the dress, it was not expensive and I got a load of compliments.  Flattery will get you everywhere. Still, 72 hours?  

  • In more exciting news, my Amazon order finally arrived, (4 days late, thanks to the winter weather), which included an AmopĂ© Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File!  I am unduly thrilled about trying this out.

This is what makes me happy after 12 days that included only 6 total hours of alone time.  As my college friends will attest, I need my personal time and space.  It's been a long, long UNlonely winter, little darlings.

My only words are of the four letter variety.  Excuse my while I sob into the frozen, school-less tundra.

Thoughts on Thursday

Thursday, February 19, 2015

  • Blah, blah, blah.  Really cold over here.  Ice, snow, power outages, school cancelled all week.  I have this sense of impending doom about a week of work that I have had to put on the back burner- you know that Sunday afternoon feeling when you think about all the homework you have put off all weekend.

  • I have thrown screen time restrictions out the window.  Another Paw Patrol?  Sure, honey.  What the hell. We are in survival mode.

 First we got hit with ice.
 Then snow!

The kids did like sledding.  I raced them- DH had the weight advantage and usually won.

  • Thank goodness we went to Walmart and loaded up on mittens, hats, etc. (much to Deeds' dismay.  Boy does not like a hat or gloves).  I have discovered the joys of Walmart, thanks to a new one near us.  It is small and always empty.  These prices?  Glorious!  Hats and mittens for the kiddos were marked down to 50 cents!  I picked up a ton of stuff right before the storm was due to come in- mainly in an attempt to get us out of the house before we were stuck for days. . .

  • Okay, I promised myself I wouldn't rant on about the WINTER WEATHER, and here I am moaning away.  Instead, here's what I have read lately-
The Smart One by Jennifer Close:  Loved it- have you read Girls in White Dresses?  Like it, this was excellent- a twinge depressing, but a nuanced study of the adult children and their mother.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins:  Um, I think I'm in the minority here but I did not like this book.  Depressing, unlikable characters, and I thought it was predictable.  Eh.

Charleston by Margaret Thornton:  I liked this- also a little depressing (maybe it's not the books, but the weather that's making me depressed?).  The description of Charleston were beautiful, I was engaged in the characters, and intrigued by the author.  Google research definitely happened on Ms. Thornton's background.

Born Standing Up by Steve Martin:  Good- entertaining, interesting to know his background, although a bit stilted, I felt.

Gray Mountain by John Grisham:  Not our typical Grisham, but several things made me predisposed to enjoy this novel- lady lawyer who practices real estate law (and is relieved when she gets out of it), and an Appalachian setting.  The ending was a little lame (abrupt), but I was into the majority of the novel.

So, I hear a baby crying from his crib.  Off for another day of indoor energy busting!

Thoughts for Thursday

Thanks for the link up, ladies!

Weekend Wrap Up- Valentine's and Winter Weather Advisory

Monday, February 16, 2015

  • We had a lovely weekend- breakfast for dinner picnic and a movie Friday night (DH's pick was Rudolph, so not the most timely but whatever).   I made breakfast on a sheet pan from this blog.  It was okay- a bit greasy for my taste.  The kids loved it, however.  Y'all know that I am a big proponent of both butter and bacon grease, but even I have my limits. Ha, after a couple glasses of wine with a neighbor, I was very tempted to dig into the leftovers.  That grease sounded very appealing.  Maybe I was having a college Wa-Ho flashback.  The Waffle Houses in Athens have wait lists to get in after midnight.

  • Valentine's Day was a very exciting- Disney Junior Live with our little Sweetie.  Her verdict?  "Amazing!" We had a super romantic dinner at 4 o'clock of pretzels with beer cheese dip, wings and pulled pork nachos at a restaurant on the river, so Dell Harper was in heaven.

  • After a busy Sunday of churching, lunching, gym, and child dinner preparation, I got to out for some sushi for a birthday dinner for some girlfriends.  I dragged myself to Kroger afterward to pick up some milk since it's apparently going to snow/ice/ruin my dreams of spring.  Grocery shopping after 2 glasses of Prosecco is apparently a poor plan for your budget.  Milk,  3 heads of cauliflower, chocolate milk, protein bars, pimento cheese, cold cuts and three magazines.  Oops.

  • I have no snow gear for the children.  Yet again.  

  • Please let it all be giant mistake, and it be in the 50's all week.  On the bright side, I got to wear two different fur coats today.  That's my idea of outerwear.  Goretex-shormtex.  My performance fleece is called mink.

  • Now off to concentrate on the SNL 40th Anniversary special- Morgan and I had to rematch Jim Carrey's Matthew McConaughey impersonation on the Celebrity Jeopardy segment a few times.  Hilarious.