Clumping Around

Monday, November 10, 2014

Me and my boot (and Morgan) hit up a slower show and cocktail party.
 That's my new estate sale fur- adorable, no?  We had entirely too much fun, and stayed out too late.

 Saturday morning I arranged flowers for church, then we headed up to the mountains to see all my family who were in town for my aunt's birthday.

 Just beautiful!  Dell Harper and Deeds loved seeing all their big (first once-removed) cousins.

I clumped off to dinner with some girlfriends at one of my favorite restaurants in town.  A kilt greens salad and pinto beans with pork shoulder pretty much made my month- fancy version of my Appalachian favorites. Plus good wine and great conversation.  And a charcuterie platter.  Heaven.

Not so heavenly for Buddy was being dressed up to match in sister in fairy wings.
 Morgan was a bit puny so I loaded up the kids for early church then Sunday school.  Deeds came home for a nap, then DH and I had a ladies lunch, replete with chocolate milk.

 Followed by some yard work.  She is a helpful gardener, obviously.

All in all it was a busy, fun weekend- filled with flowers, food, family and friends- four of my favorite things.  Clearly, I'm doing an excellent job staying off my foot and resting.

Five on Friday- Happies

Friday, November 7, 2014

 1.  Estate sale goodies:

My Aunt Trish is in town.  As she is a fellow Magpie, I knew she would be down to hit up an estate sale bright and early this morning.  Mama and Aunt Trish held my stash as I bounced around.

Ignore the tarnish, but look at all this silver! I spent about $35 on it all.

 My new coffee table.  For $45!  I also scored a short 60's style swingy fur jacket that fits like a dream ($45), and a cane back Herendon loveseat for $45.  I highly recommend for hunting down estate sales in your area.  It provides pictures so you can see if something is worth going to or not.  This one was for sure!

 2.  "Yes Please"  by Amy Poehler.  Of course this book is fantastic- no surprises there.  However, I cannot say enough good things about the audio book.  Amy narrates, along with audio appearances by Seth Meyers, Kathleen Turner and Amy's parents.  I would be laughing aloud while washing dishes.  Anything that can make my nightly cleaning enjoyable and warrants actual laughter while vacuuming? A++++

3.  Library Books.  Dell Harper and I had our weekly date to the library.  She examined her choices in the children's section, while I grabbed some stuff for me, Supermarket Sweep style.  Speed is of the essence when preventing toddler mayhem.
 I'm really intrigued by "The Lost Art of Dress", written by a historian and dressmaker, detailing the influence of "Dress Doctors" of the early 20th century, home economists who greatly influenced how American woman dress.  Good for history nerds who love clothes.

4.  This cute LBD from Loft is so flattering on!  Wait for a sale- I picked it up half-price last week.  It's just perfect- can be dressed up or down, the a-line skirt is super flattering, and I love the faux leather details for a touch of edge.

5.  I am into these gallery walls of kids' artwork.  I think I need to get framing- the back stairway needs some flair, and DH has plenty to provide!

Okay, I'm off to prettify my stress fracture boot so I look semi-respecatble at a cocktail party tonight.  As always, thanks to the ladies for hosting the Five on Friday linkup!

Samma and the Horrible, Very Bad, No Good Day*

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

*or whatever it is.  I'm too cranky to fact-check the actual title right now.

I have a cold.  Thanks, children.  This is the second one they have given me this fall, and I can't take anything, because it affects my supply and I'm still nursing.

I also apparently have a stress fracture in my foot, and a stylish new accessory as of this morning.

 The perfect footwear for toddler and crawling baby chasing. Ha!



At least someone is having fun!  Ha!  Off to blow my nose, drink some hot tea, and take some aspirin.  At least there is fried chicken at church for supper tonight.  Cheeriness will resume tomorrow.