Five on Friday- Spring Fever

Friday, April 29, 2016

1.  Closet Organization

My kiddos' closet, as well as my own is in massive need of spring cleaning.  My issue is that I get started on the organization and cleaning out, but keep getting interrupted midway through- leaving a closet that looks worse than when I started (at least to my husband).

 Find the kids closets here.

Master Here.

So, instead of getting back to it, I'm pinning closet organization ideas.  Productive huh?  I wish I had the good sense to have an organizer come in and get it all fixed for me, but the thought of a stranger seeing their current condition fills me with shame.

2.  "Eligible"

Last Saturday I was struck with a migraine and was forced to spend the majority of the day flat on my back.  I had to miss a fun girls' night out.  Feeling very sorry for myself indeed, it got even worse when I woke up at midnight and couldn't get back to sleep thanks to a throbbing head.  Luckily, I ordered "Eligible" by Curtis Sittenfield on my Kindle, heated some Campbell's chicken noodle, and made the most of my misery.  It was an apt re-telling of "Pride and Prejudice".  Not likely to enter the canon of great literature, since it's almost too current with its Crossfit references, and various other subplots.  However, a highly enjoyable with a wryness that reflects the original.

3.  Miracle Grow Kids Kit

I picked this up for Dell Harper at AC Moore the other day.  We have had a blast with it!  She painted the tub and plant markers, we soaked the dirt and seeds, then planted.  She monitors her sprouts (which came up surprisingly fast), every day with joy.  Ahh, a mini-gardener.

4.  Kids maxis

Aren't these adorable?  I couldn't resist getting them for my girl.  If only they came in my size.
Thanks Target for some kids' clothes that are not inappropriate for once!

5.  Dove Mini Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

Normally, I am not much of an ice cream person.  I can eat a whole pan of brownies in one sitting, but a pint of ice cream can sit unattended in my freezer for months.  However, it's been so hot in the afternoons lately, and I made the fatal mistake of hitting up the grocery hungry.  These little nuggets came home with me.

They are the perfect amount to satisfy a craving for something cold and sweet!

Thanks to the Five on Friday gals for hosting the link-up!

Spectrum Angels

Thursday, April 28, 2016

 I just finished two angel paintings for a silent auction this weekend that benefits Breakthrough, a local organization that serves adults with autism.  It's an incredible group, which I'm so honored to be involved with.

The paintings are actually multi-media pieces- painted over a design of tissue paper cut into puzzle pieces (Autism's symbol is the puzzle piece).  This makes an awesome texture.  Then the angels are painted with acrylic, oil stick and gold leaf.

If you are interested in one let me know, and I will put you on the list!  Each piece is completely custom, and very reasonably prices.  I'm donating my time and materials to benefit this amazing cause.  It makes it easy when I'm doing something I love to help those who need it!

Now back to my real job(s)- motherhood and lawyering.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

1.  I got a great parking space at Kroger today. And saved $15 with my Kroger card.  Anna, got my favorite bagger-lady, who never leaves stuff out, and packs my bags in the best way.

2.  Tonight's church supper is Zoe's steak kabobs, and Greek salad.  And bread.  And dessert.

3.  Kroger had big jugs of Milo's unsweet tea, in stock and on sale.

4.  I'm eating my favorite homemade tuna salad with capers and dill, along with some Nut-Thins for lunch.

5.  I made jazz on time, even when dropping both kiddos off at school.  This is a miracle of drop and run, good lights, and sparse traffic.  And the instructor running a bit late.

These are the things to remember, when I'm slogging through work the rest of the afternoon, while watching my iPhone slowly die.  Never a good sign when the battery goes from 28% to 1% in 30 seconds.  While turned off. C'est la vie!!