Feb 14, 2017

The Mean Reds

I was feeling like this before Buddy's accident- a case of the Feburaries.  Then my puppy's injury added a whole new layer of stress and upset.

It's just the dumps. The doldrums.  Nothing major but, I feel like a hamster on my wheel- working and working but never getting done.  Before I can check something off my list, my phone rings, or my e-mail dings and something is added to the list.

Then my childcare for next year became all messed up.  Normally I love straddling the line between staying at home and working.  I make my life more difficult sometimes to accommodate both types of motherhood.  Most the time it works wonderfully, and I am so thankful.  When it doesn't?  We all know who gets the short-shrift.

Okay, the whining portion of this program is over (PRAISE THE LORD! I know!).  I washed my favorite set of sheets last night, and ironed my pillowcase.  I made my bed perfectly (at ten o'clock at night, mind you).  I cozied up to my book, cup of tea, and resolved to shake off this fugue.

And it helped!  I'm not back to normal levels of cheer, but I am roaring through my to-do list, answering e-mails, and getting it done.  One thing and one day at a time, right ladies?

So I'm turning the mean reds into lovey reds.

How can I not- just check out Deedsy Crockett, king of the wild driveway!

 Tommy wore church clothes to church for the first time.

 This book- it might be making me sad, actually.  I still can't believe he's gone.

We went to a fancy black-tie party Friday night.  Deeds said "Oh mama!  You soo sparkly!" And buried his face into my sequined dress.

I forgot to take any pictures at the actual dance, but at least these were taken at dinner beforehand.

 Dell Harper had her first dance Sunday night.  Look at this father daughter combo!  My heart is a big ole puddle right now.

 Also reducing me to a drippy mess?  This one!  I could just cuddle him all day long.  Probably why I can't get anything done!

So on this Valentine's Day, I will turn off the political news that makes my heart so unsettled.  I will work determinedly and persistently  through my tasks.  I will do my housework with a happy heart! Or at least a semi-happy heart.

Most of all I will be grateful for boys in coonskin caps.  For daughters thrilled to go to a dance with her daddy.  For baby smiles.

Even ones in the middle of the night ;)

Feb 8, 2017


An update on my furball!

He is doing well!  Not loving the cone, but that's normal.  He is now putting weight on his leg.  Honestly, I'm trying to keep him doped up on the pain meds, so he won't be attempting to run around.

He's in the cone for another week or so until his stitches are removed.  As long as we keep him calm and stitched up, I think the risk for amputation is low.

Thank you so much for all the kind words- we found the culprit.  A big ceramic planter near the back steps was knocked over last week.  I didn't realize it at the time, but a piece broke off, leaving a jagged edge.  Poor Buddy ripped up his leg on that, we think.

Feb 2, 2017

Prayers for Our Furry Friend

I'm scrapping my Five on Friday post, as my furry friend and devoted dog is in the hospital.

Yesterday early evening I noticed that Buddy must still be outside.  In the flurry of bathing kids and readying dinner, I realized he'd been out for about an hour, which isn't terribly unusual.  However, he can hear the oven open from a mile away, and he hadn't been barking at the door.

I called for him out front, then looked in the backyard.  I was beginning to worry, thinking he'd busted out of his invisible fence.   But no, he was just laying there in the back yard, a few front from the back porch.  I called to him again, and he just stared at me.  Then I really became concerned.

Running to his side, I saw a huge gash on his leg.  It was about two inches deep- muscle and bone were visible, and ran the length of his leg from below his knee to his haunch.  Luckily I had left the back door open, so Dell Harper heard me when I screamed for her.  I told her to go inside and grab my phone and bring it to me, as calmly yet urgently as I could.  She did as I bade, thankfully, and went back up to the house to occupy Deeds with a show, a keep an eye on Tommy in his bouncy chair.  My big girl was such a helper and big sister.  It about near sent me over the edge when she came back down to give Bud a picture she had drawn of then two of them to make him feel better.

I called our vet, who is also one of my best friends.  She got the details, and headed my way.  Morgan was my next call- luckily he was almost home from work.  As he readied the back of my car, Tinsley and I carried Buddy up to the garage.  Morgan took him straight to the animal ER.

I thought perhaps an animal had attacked him, but they were no puncture marks, and it was an incredibly clean, deep gash.  Tinsley and I did a cursory check of the porch and area around the playset but didn't see anything sharp or bloody.

As I type this (Thursday night), we are waiting on x-rays and Buddy to be stitched up.  Please keep him in your prayers.  I am just distraught, as well as baffled as to how this happened.  It's so strange.

So I'm chucking the book review and recipe I had planned, as all I can think of is my sweet boy.  Please pray for him, and give your own furry friends some extra love this morning.